i am loneliness

posted on 19 Dec 2009 22:48 by iidamaryllis in Clef


i am just a feeling

that is concealed with a ballad song,

in the wind which is blowing through.


i am everywhere

among the crowded people

but nobody can see me.


when the clouds are dark,

when the rain falls from the high sky, and

when your exhausted mind

allows me to be beside you

and lets me see your tears unconsciously.


i am a loneliness feeling, and darkness.

i live in your thoughts

because i am sadness and also silence

which have been settled in your heart.

in the other hand, i do not want anybody sees me

and suffers from me.

extremely sorry for that !


when the upset sound of sad songs were played all day long

in your empty room, you live aloned.

i just hope you to walk out of the room,

and open your heart to meet the others.

just keep you away from me, and

just want to say sorry to you.


open your heart again and i will go


PS. i'd like to apologize for my poor grammar :) 






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im poor in english question

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